Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I request to buy items from Abroad to Nigeria?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I request to send items from Nigeria abroad?

A. No. At the moment you can only request to buy items from abroad coming in to Nigeria.

Q. How can I reach out to other travellers?
A. Register on and post a request describing the item you want and indicating the country where the item can be bought and choose the prefered method of delivery.

Q. How will the ordered product be delivered to me?
A. It depends on the prefered method of delivery you chose, you can pick from Transthat’s office in Victoria Island or Transthat can deliver to your office/home address.

Q. How will I know the item someone has requested for?
A. The requested items are displayed on homepage.

Q. How will I receive the payment for the product bought?
A. Transthat will pay the product price plus your agreed service charge into your Bank account.

Q. Are my personal and Bank information safe on Transthat website?
A. Yes, we keep your information safe.Q. How can I become an Extra verified Transthat member? A. By uploading the information page of your international passport on your profile.

Q. What do I need to deposit requested items at Transthat office?

A. By providing the requester’s username and request number.
Q. Can someone collect a requested item on my behalf? A. Yes, by providing the requester’s username, request number and letter of attorney.

Q. How much does Transthat charge for the service?

A. Transthat charges 6.5% of requested item cost + “Buyer’s charge” + #500
Note: The service fee mainly covers card charges, Bank and Operations cost to keep the platform up and running.

Q. Payment methods accepted by Transthat?

A. You can pay with Master or Visa Debit Card, PAGA or Paystack.

Q. How will Transthat refund payments in line with its terms and conditions?

A. Refunds will be transfered to the registered Transthat member account. The Bank account name must be the same with the name of the registered member.

Q. What if the traveller purchases a counterfeit or different item from the one described by the requester?

A. The Requester reserves the right to reject the item. The wrongly purchased item will be returned to the traveller, without any monetary reimbursement from Transthat.
Note: Transthat will transfer payment to the traveller within two days after the requested product has been delivered to the Requester.