About Us


Transthat is a platform that connects travellers who have extra luggage space to spare and want to earn some extra money, with requestors who want to buy specific products/items from abroad.

  You can enjoy your favourite products from abroad more frequently.

  No Shipping costs (You set the price)

  As a Transthat Traveller, you can earn money by utilising extra luggage space.

  Can’t travel? Why not get a traveller to bring you an item from abroad? Transthat your item from abroad with peace of mind!


Why use Transthat?



Get unique items from abroad that are not available locally or online.



Peace of mind that the your identity and money is safe with your friends at Transthat until you receive your item.



Save on expensive shipping costs by tapping into travellers extra luggage space.



Let Transthat make shopping abroad easy for you.